Safehands Barbers sits in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland, and opened its doors in 2012.  Daryl Gillespie, owner and barber of Safehands Barbers, first contacted me in May of 2014 regarding the possibility of receiving samples of our products.  The samples arrived in a timely manner and Bona Fide Pomade immediately found a friend in Glasgow and by the end of the year we worked together to release our first label collaboration with a British barbershop, the SAFEHANDS X BONA FIDE label with our old packaging:

With the switch over to our new containers and the short life of the first SAFEHANDS x BONA FIDE it was only natural that we would revisit and revise the label collaboration.  Check out the new and improved SAFEHANDS X BONA FIDE Collab!

A little over a year later, the lads at Safehands Barbers, (Daryl, Graeme, and Craig) welcomed us into their barbershop with open arms.  The IRN-BRU flowed like wine and the Buckfast flowed like whatever the hell that delicious alcoholic beverage is.  The shop is amazing, the vibe created by these gentlemen and the connection that their customers feel toward their shop and their barbers is immediately felt when they walk in.  I had the pleasure of filming this short video profile of the shop while I was there.  Please enjoy!

For more information on Safehands Barbers, please visit the shop website.