We debuted as a company with the release of our first product, the Superior Hold, in October of 2012 and on December 15, 2012, I received Order #43 on my web shop from a customer named Justin Albrecht from Indiana.  Nine days later on Christmas Eve, I received another from a Justin Albrecht for a shirt.  Then, a week or so later I found these two post on Instagram (notice how much shorter that red beard is):


I was super excited to see that Justin Albrecht was the @barberjustin from the IG post and I immediately asked him if he'd like to buy our products at wholesale price.  That was the beginning of our business partnership and what has now become a friendship.  Since then, @barberjustin has gained the respect of the barber community worldwide and has continued to support and promote our brand.  One of our earliest collaborations was the first "Barber Justin x Bona Fide" Superior Hold.

Through his work as a barber, Justin has continued to inspire everything we do here at Bona Fide Pomade, Inc.  Since the beginning, Barber Justin has been a self-declared "Bona Fide Pomade Enthusiast" and as we continue to grow as a company we are forever indebted and grateful of his support and friendship.  In March of 2015, we met up for the first time in Chicago, IL. at Esquire Barbershop, to film a project that would coincide with the release of the new "Barber Justin X Bona Fide" top label. 

So without further delay, please enjoy the following Barber Justin Cut & Style video series:

For more information on Justin Albrecht, aka @barberjustin visit his website  and follow him on Instagram.