Product Spotlight: Matte Paste

Product Spotlight: Matte Paste

It’s in the name… Matte Paste! Offering a strong hold with sleek matte finish, our Matte Paste is capable of achieving both traditional and modern styles. 

Here are some awesome facts you might've not known:

  • “Super” Superior’s half brother: Our Matte Paste offers the same hold as our "Super" Superior minus the shine. What does this mean? You can achieve that effortless look you’ve been dreaming about without sacrificing the strong hold you desire.
  • Base product or stand alone pomade: The beauty of our Matte Paste is that it can serve as a base product yet it's durable enough to be it's own stand alone styling pomade. A perfect combination would be to prep your hair with the Matte Paste and top off with the Fiber pomade to add just a touch of natural shine!

Interested in knowing how we recommend you apply the Matte Paste? Check out our How-to video below: 

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