Product Spotlight: Fiber Pomade

Product Spotlight: Fiber Pomade

Bona Fide’s non-drying, grapefruit scented formula offers a medium hold, medium shine, with a highly pliable texture.

Here are some awesome facts you might've not known:

    • Workable formula: leaving your hair feeling light, the Fiber Pomade gives your the liberty to re-style countless times a day. All you have to do is run a wet comb through your hair to re-activate the product.
    • It isn’t glitter, they’re mica crystals: Our Fiber Pomade offers the most natural shine in our line of pomades due it’s infusion of Mica crystals. This naturally occurring group of minerals works with the light to impart a sparkly white appearance which, in turn, gives you a natural shine!     

    Interested in knowing how we recommend you apply the Fiber Pomade? Check out our How-to video:

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