How We Recommend You Keep Your Enamel Pins Secure

How We Recommend You Keep Your Enamel Pins Secure

There has been a heavy resurgence in the enamel pin trend. In fact, the revival in both wearing and collecting enamel pins has hit an all time high in the last handful of years. Ranging in themes, from sassy sayings and imagery to your quintessential Disney collectible pin, these simple accessories cater to almost every niche in the market. Pins are just about the perfect accessory that can be easily interchanged without having to give it a second thought and it's that fact that makes them even more appealing. 

Just about everyone has an enamel pin roaming around their top nightstand drawer or better yet, you might have one on right this second! Just as easy as it is to get your hands on one of these guys, they're just as easy to lose as well. We've all been there, you're not alone. The root of this issue all comes down to how properly your pin was locked into place.

Like our pins, most enamel pins in the market come with a the standard butterfly clutch backing (seen above). Coming in multiple colors, all you need to do is press on the butterfly wings to open and remove the lock. Although this method is convenient to put on and take off without hesitation, the probability of your pin falling off is quite high. 

Out of the handful of locking systems to keep your pin secure, the one we heavily suggest you use is the locking pin backs. These little guys are no joke, heavy duty, and probably one of the most reliable pin backings. Simply push to secure onto the pin and you're done. Once you lock your pins into place with them, it will prove difficult to accidentally remove your pin. You can buy these locking backs separately and in a bundle off of Amazon for less than $10 bucks. See a listing here.

These locking pins don't commonly come as a pins default backing. So the only down fall would be that you do need to purchase separately. However, they will definitely be worth it!

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