Bona Fide Apparel Maintenance

Bona Fide Apparel Maintenance


We all love black clothing. It’s a color that has grown to become a staple in almost everyone's daily wardrobe regardless of what style you’re into. However, let’s face it, we’ve all come across the battle in preserving it’s crisp, black vibrancy! The truth is that the more you wash your black garments the more dye washes away. So here are some of our top washing tips we recommend you do to preserve your Bona Fide t-shirt: 

  • Don’t mix colors! Sort by colors and weight: black clothing can bleed into lighter colors especially when you wash delicates with heavier fabrics. So divide your loads of laundry by color and garment weight. 
  • Turn garments inside out: to protect the outside of your black garment, turn it inside out before washing. This will, in turn, shield the fabric from breaking down the fibers that cause it to appear faded. Remember  to always zip up all zippers and button up all buttons to prevent snagging.
  • Inspect before washing & wash in cold water: Always inspect your clothing to see how dirty they are before adjusting your washing machine’s settings. Less time in the washer means less fading. Once your clothing has been inspected, wash in cold water. Lower temperatures protect the dyes, and therefore the garment's overall color.

Drying tips: 

Drying your dark colored clothing with other colored items will make them appear faded. Keep your garments turned inside out and hang them to dry in your laundry room. Never hang them out in the sun to dry, they will fade! 

Following these tips will lengthen the longevity of your Bona Fide apparel! 

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