Here's a story of good, bad-luck...

Here's a story of good, bad-luck...


2019 was a big year for Bona Fide, we were set to release some new products requiring a bottle and a pump, open our flagship The Bona Fide Store & Barbershop and re-package one of our best-selling products the Texture Spray. All the wheels were set in motion until construction on the Store was delayed and the project went (considerably) over budget. We had to indefinitely delay the release of the new products and we mistakenly released the Texture Spray in the new packaging pre-maturely. We were left stranded with a surplus of packaging components that we couldn’t use.

Fast-forward to March 17th, all businesses are now closed, including our Store & Barbershop. Our sales go from 100 to 0 in a day. We furloughed our staff, dug in our heels and went into hibernation mode; I figured that if no money comes in, then no money can go out.  This is survival mode to ensure we would all have jobs when things went back to normal.

A Hand Sanitizer was out of the question due to the cost and delays in components (bottles & pumps), until I remembered all of the fun of 2019! We made some calls and were able to secure an 8-day production time on Hand Sanitizer that would exhaust all of our bottles and pumps effectively putting us back to work, fully staffed.

I believe in the power of kindness and paying it forward. This last month, I was particularly lucky in a time when good luck is a scarce.

It is quite clear that the most vulnerable demographic in our society right now, are the people who live and work in nursing homes. I have 1,000 bottles of Hand Sanitizer that I would like to donate to nursing homes in the Orange County, California, area that are in need. We have a large van that we can use to deliver these products. I need your help, please forward our contact information to any nursing home that you may know is in need right now in the Orange County area. We will do our very best to accommodate as many nursing homes as possible!

Thank you!

Contact info:
Luis Moreno


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