CUT STYLE PHOTO: Exit the Barber

CUT STYLE PHOTO: Exit the Barber

This episode of CUT STYLE PHOTO features Bona Fide ambassador Exit the Barber.

From what to ask your barber, to seeing the first hair clippings hit the ground leaving behind a canvas ready to be styled, CUT STYLE PHOTO outlines the very skilful process and outcome of what the barbering experience has to offer. About Bona Fide Pomade: Based out of Orange County, CA, Bona Fide Pomade is a family run establishment creating American Made hair products of the highest quality and consistency. Bona Fide is on the verge of opening their first flagship store in Santa Ana, CA. Keep an eye out for its grand opening Summer 2019.

Items Featured: 

Aguila Barber Cape available here.

Endless Summer Edition ‘18 “Super” Superior Hold available here.

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