Bona Fide's Hairbrush Guide

Bona Fide's Hairbrush Guide

So you went to your barber, got a clean haircut, and bought some Bona Fide pomade to style at home. The next question you might have is, ‘What comb should I use to style my hair?’ With so many combs in the market created to serve a different purpose, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here is a breakdown on some of the most recommended combs and brushes you should have at your disposal when styling your hair.

  • Wide tooth comb: Due to the wide spaces between the teeth, wide tooth combs are ideal to detangle your hair. There will be less friction compared to a finer tooth comb which, in turn, helps prevent breakage or split ends. 

  • Fine tooth comb: Known for its close set of teeth, the fine tooth comb is great to perfecting your hair style! If you’re looking to part your hair sharply, the fine tooth comb is perfect. With that being said, fine tooth combs are ideal for straight hair. To avoid any issues, always detangle with a wide tooth comb and if applicable, use a fine tooth comb to settle any baby hair flyaways. 

  • Round brush: This brush is your volume guy! A round brush will help tame frizz and it will also help create volume in your hair where it otherwise might’ve not existed. Used it in combination with a blow dryer, the round brush will give you the volume you desire. 

  • Vent brush: A vent brush has spaces between its bristles, literal vents, that allow air to flow. This comb is designed to specifically allow your hair to dry quickly when used in combination with a blow dryer. With one hand controlling the blow dryer, use the other to brush your hair from root to tip— your hair will dry in no time.

  • Paddle brushMuch like the wide tooth comb, the paddle brush will detangle your hair with ease. The air-filled rubber cushion is designed to minimize damage from pulling. This brush is also great for distributing product before styling. 

Using the right comb will not only make styling your hair easier, but it will also make your hair look and feel it’s best! Comment your favorite brush below! 

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