A Conversation with @DZtheBarber

In order to commemorate our Bona Fide x DZ Barbershop collaboration label, we decided to film the shop in its natural state. Nestled in the heart of Hawthorne, California, as you step in the door you are greeted by some of the nicest folks in the industry. There's always cold beer in the fridge, killer tunes in the air, and smart ass remarks shooting back and forth as the barbers, led by Daniel Zacarias (owner and barber) lay down some solid cuts! The atmosphere that these gentlemen have created in the shop with their clients is truly something special: the barbers go out of their way for their clients and the clients reciprocate this feeling. This is a true old school, neighborhood barbershop and we are proud to have this collaboration label with DZ Barbershop.

For more information on DZ Barbershop, please visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/barbershopDZ

Big thanks to Octavio Estrada for filming and editing this video! For more information on Octavio Estrada, please check out his Vimeo profile http://vimeo.com/tavodood or check out his website http://www.octavioestrada.com

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This is the first part of of 3 part documentary about Barber, Andrew Schwartz. Wichita native, Andrew works at Fox & Ash Barbershop. Fox & Ash Barber was founded in 2014 with the goal in mind of bringing quality cuts to the midwest!  Since then, they've been making waves in the school of traditional barbering and we are proud to be the product of their choice!

Fox & Ash Barbershop is located in McPherson, KS.
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