Laura Stencel


Los Angeles native, Laura Stencel, now proudly resides in Leucadia, CA, a quaint beach community located in the coastal city of Encinitas, California. She owns and operates Bravehold Barber Company where she specializes in the Tonsorial Art. “I like customers who are super picky and are looking for a custom haircut…” commented Stencel. She’s been barbering for 10 years and when she was asked why she decided to become a barber, this is what she had to say, “… I like working with my hands and I really enjoy customer service. Service is life to me. I really enjoy helping people look as good as possible”. 

 Stencel prefers to use Bona Fide Pomade not just because of the product itself but because of the individuals behind the company, “I prefer to use Bonafide first because the people that own Bonafide are good humans, and second I like that the line consists of a variety of products for all clients”.  She recommends Bonafide to anyone due to its high quality and because she’s confident that it will, “… reach their desired grooming goals”. 

If you’re ever in or around Leucadia, reserve a chair with Laura Stencel here. She truly appreciates working with her clients, “Without customers, we are nothing— Everything we do from continuing our education in the barber industry to provide better cuts, to keeping the shop extra clean every week is for our clients. We hope every client who walks into our shop enjoys the conversation, laughs, finds a moment to relax, and leaves the hard work to us to make them look great and feel great when they leave.” 

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