Caleb Porter

Caleb Porter


Caleb Porter is the other half of Fox & Ash Barbershop in both McPherson and Wichita, KS. Porter specializes in all hair types, “… learning how to cut clientele from all different backgrounds is one of the most important things to me” Porter says. Although he’s been cutting hair for 11 years, 6 of them have been professional. “I always looked at barbering as an art form…” but Porter fell into it by accident. Porter continues, “… As a teenager, I received a very poor and rushed service from a barber I had never been to before. I went home, picked up some clippers gave myself some horrible haircuts for the better part of 5 years. The more I did it the more I fell in love with the craft.” 

Porter prefers Bona Fide products because “Bona Fide is one of the few brands that carry a large variety of products. They're able to accommodate almost every customer's product needs. It also smells amazing. It’s the scent of Orange County, CA." Although the products are a priority according to Porter, it’s Bona Fide’s mission statement that supports whole heartily. “…They are inclusive and go above and beyond their customer's needs”. 

When asked what he hopes his clients leave his chair with he said, “I want my clients to leave feeling that they have a sense of community at my shop— Confident, empowered and that their needs were taken care of from start to finish… I hope to serve those who trust me and give me the opportunity to do so.

Click here to make an appointment with Caleb Porter at his barbershop in Wichita, Kansas and McPherson, Kansas.

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